Save Western Ghats, Save Earth

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Petitioning: Govt. of india, Govt. of karnataka, Environmentalists, ecologists, educated

Petitioner: started on July 6, 2009

Save Western Ghats, Save Earth

Save Western Ghats, Save Earth - Initiated by

4 Dams
16 Weirs
21 Kms. Mammoth Tunnel
Over 200 Acres of Concrete Structureare set to cut the throat of Western Ghats.
Over 18 villages will be submerged; over 800 hectares of forest will be destroyed

Destruction of the Western Ghats will not only cause decimation of biodiversity but also accelerate the impact of global warming.

Say No to Gundia Hydro Power Project (Located near Sakleshpur, Karnataka, India)

Come lets save our mother earth.