Educate children about noise pollution

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Petitioning: Society

Petitioner: Petition Voice started on March 26, 2009

Can't ignore noise pollution in today's world. Its a chronic problem. Morning to night there are horns blaring while we travel, music and TV when we are at home, etc. While enacting and enforcing laws is one part of the solution, education is surely another. Children, who now have to study the environment as part of their main curricula, ought to learn about the impact of noise on their well being and that of others.

Consider that only 4% of Mumbai's commuters - as distinct from the total population of 16 million - use private cars and another use 9% taxis and autos, this minority of 13 per cent imposes a very heavy (dare one say deafening?) burden on pedestrians and residents. Needless to add, the longer-term solution is to encourage public transport and deter motorized transport of all kinds, not least because of the very harmful impact on the climate.

Eradication of noise pollution is only possible if we work at the grass root level. Legislation and policing alone cannot solve the problem. The best bet would be to educate the future generations. And the onus of educating children is not just of government or schools, but of everyone in the society. Hence, this request to all my fellow brothers and sisters in educating children in our homes about harms of noise pollution.