Enforce Ban Pressure Horns

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Petitioning: State Governments

Petitioner: Petition Voice started on March 26, 2009

Continuous exposure to such settings can cause temporary or permanent deafness in children. Loss of hearing due to extreme noise is well established. Young children and adults should know that if they cannot talk to a person two metres away, the background noise level is downright unsafe. Motorists think they have the right to blow their horns; some might even think it is their duty, in order to avoid running into pedestrians or other vehicles. The damage that noise does, not least to hapless pedestrians and residents of arterial roads, is virtually ignored.

Though pressure horns and excessive honking are banned already, but hardly are they followed. Recently Mumbai police took some initiatives to enforce it by forcing the offenders.

We request other states to follow suit and draw inspiration from Mumbai police's determination. Please support this petition if you are against the nuisance created by traffic noise.