Save the stray dogs

  10 (Goal: 50)

Petitioning: Municipal Corporation

Petitioner: Nandagopal Sathish started on April 27, 2016

We humans have been living on this planet for over a thousand years. We have conquered the lands and the seas. We live in a very much lavish and extravagant way. But have we ever thought about how the other living beings live? How our survival has destroyed theirs?How we have destroyed their habitat? How they have become slaves to us? It is we who have taken away their land. It is we who displaced them away. And its we the ones who show cruelty towards them. How many stray dogs have we seen so far in our colony or locality or the city? Have we ever thought how they end up coming living on the streets? How some of them become malnutritioned and die. Why not adopt a stray dog and bring it up? They arent that bad. Dogs have been loyal to us, no wonder they are called "Man's best friend", right? Humans live for an average of 60 years. Why not make a change? Love dogs and I'm sure they will love you too.