Empower Indian Women in Daily Lives

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Petitioning: Comman Man

Petitioner: Petition Voice started on March 8, 2009

When it comes to empowerment of women, India is a long way to go. For women will never be empowered unless they become indpendent in chores of daily lives. One woman scaling Everest, or corporate ladders does not make the average woman of a country empowered.

The emancipation lies in making small decision daily, like money matters, lifestyles, etc. and having a larger say in the family's bigger decision. Nothing brings on the empowerment like economic freedom.

All those who rally by the cause of women, should not just think big, but start at the grass-root level of giving women the freedom to make mistakes, to fail, to experiment, and to gain confidence from all of it.

Lets us be patient with our wives, sisters and mothers and not judge them by their vague and rare successes, or ocassional failures.