No excuse for animal abuse

  1 (Goal: 100,000)

Petitioning: State government of West Bengal

Petitioner: Chandana started on February 14, 2018

This is a petition concerning the animal cruelty in the state of west bengal

First and foremost we are animal lovers ; we are neither NGO nor a part of any organization. We get beaten, we r the tortured alongside our beloved animals who are victimized in street. According to constitution of our India it is our right to take care of the animals and it , in all aspects, is the welfare of the society.

Several reports have been recorded in places such as barrackpore, chandannagar, maheshtala and kankurgachi staling the attacks On the innocent stray animals and the animal lovers as well who try to support their safety.
In barrackpore, a lady named Mrs. Soma Ganguly got assaulted while trying to rescue a stray dog under attack. When Mrs Ganguly protested & went to police for legal action, the culprits attacked her and harassed her in every possible way. She filled a number of complaints at Titagarh Police station and each and every time they failed to protect her, what she got in reality is mere harassment, verbal abuse as well as physical abuses.

Another incident took place in chandannagar while a woman was bitten with her clothes stripped off because she had been feeding the stray dogs.

This is a sheer declining state of humanity and it has put all of us to shame.
We intend to draw the attention of Hon'ble Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and the court to these tyranny over the animals and the animal lovers. Two lakh signatures will be required to make thik protest official and powerful. The help of the Police Department is essential to maintain this protest. The law of Animal Welfare at the state level must be made stringent.
We are very much hopeful to see a successful vision to making animal protection an essential reality as it should be.