Need for provision of First-Aid Kit in Public Transports.

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Petitioning: Society, public, government

Petitioner: Shruthi started on February 11, 2018

I invite reference to the recent article published [The Hindu Business Line dated November 13, 2017] wherein it has been proposed to inculcate the knowledge of First-Aid and it's importance to the bus and truck drivers at the time of getting their licences. Parallel to that, we are also coming across many news wherein causalities are reported due to lack of timely First-Aid, clearly indicating the apathy shown in this regard. Therefore it is high time to provide First-Aid Kits in every public transport and also to inculcate knowledge and the importance of First-Aid to the victim immediately after an accident which will eventually save the invaluable human life.
In this connection, other states in India have enacted laws to make the First-Aid Kit mandatory in all buses plying in their state. We can also follow them for a better safety of the public and through this we can also contribute to our country's goal of reducing the number of road accidents and fatalities by at least half by 2020.
Let's get this petition going. This is mandate for the society, don't you think?

Fellow Indian,
Shruthi. R,
Stella Maris College, Chennai