Go Green with Tidal Power!

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Petitioning: To push Indian Govt. to make a Clear Tidal Energy Policy

Petitioner: Chandan Sinha started on July 10, 2017

India has potential to produce 8300 MW of electricity though tidal currents.Of this total figure 7000 MW of electricity can be produced in Gulf of Khambhat, Gujrat alone. A tidal power project was proposed by the Indian Govt. in the Gulf of Kutch in 2012 in collaboration with UK based firm Atlantis Resources Corporation. Atlantis Resources Corporation has also proposed another tidal power project in the gulf of Khambat. Last year in Aug, Indian Govt. tied up with an Israeli firm to develop tidal power plant in Goa. Unfortunately, because of major govt. focus on solar power, not much progress has been made since then.
Tidal energy can be produced not only through ocean currents, but also by river tides. In 2016, Thane Municipal Corporation has taken a unique commendable initiative in proposing a tidal river power project at Kasheli bridge on Ulhas river in Thane. It is working with a south Korean firm K Water. It was found in the preliminary survey that this project can produce 3,43,00,000 units of electricity annually at minimal cost. However, the work in the project is yet to be started.

One of the major problem in development of tidal energy in India is that the Indian Govt.’s lack of Tidal energy policy. There are lot of national and international firms interested in investing and developing tidal power in India. But because of lack of a clear government policy, no investor or developer wants to take risk of developing tidal energy in India. Also, the fate of the initially proposed tidal projects of Kutch and Goa is yet not clear, as no date is finalized for starting the projects.
Without government support and interest, it is not possible to harness the huge tidal power potential our country has. However, general awareness about the tidal energy in the citizens can help shape the government policy in the long run. Therefore let’s start by spreading awareness about tidal energy.