Child admission in schools below age 5 must be barred and treated as guilty

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Petitioning: Myself Thinking.

Petitioner: Om Prakash Srivastav started on February 6, 2018

When i see in the morning i realized as we are doing some injustice with our children childhood. When child brain is in building and development phase we enforce unwanted burden on our child. I have see most of the children going school even they do not know where they are going and what is the purpose. There may be several reason behind this like "our comparative inferiority complex in society as some one other have admitted his child at age of 2.5 why i should not" , "some parent need to free up time by sending their child schooling" , "some guys says as school will not take admission if not admitted in just 2nd or third year after birth".

Before saying this i have done some random research in society and found matured children grasp more and their presence of mind used to be better.

Please do help on this if you too feel this genuine concern.