Majorities and Minorities should exist harmoniously

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Petitioner: Petition Voice started on April 3, 2009

It has been observed in the past 6 decades that the situation of the minorities in India especially of the muslims are getting from bad to worse. The last one and half decade had experienced the worst kind of genocide and planned socio-economic backwardness of the muslim community not happened but created by the communal elements in the authority behind the mask of secularism and democracy. The genocide in Gujarat and elsewhere had sowed the seeds of hatred among the youths of minority which resorted to backlash in the form of terrorism. These youths have lost faith, confidence and trusts in the authority, administration and above all the judiciary which had the discriminatory attitude of leaving the accused politicians free who were involved in the massacre and when retaliated by these youths, they were termed as terrorists and faced brutality.

As a nation we cannot live in peace, leave aside making progress if the energies are exhausted in internal tussle itself. There are no reasons for a vast majority to consider anything else except a harmonious living environment where all get what they deserve and they deserve what they get. There are no prejudices and judgements are not based on other's religion or caste or creed.

Lets pledge to such a start by accepting people as they are--humans--and not judging others by their face value. To those whom the idea appeals please sign this petition to show your support for the cause.