Stand against the extremists and unite

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Petitioning: Hindus and Muslims

Petitioner: Petition Voice started on April 3, 2009

Islam means peace, preaches peaces and was based on the sole idea of living in harmony with people and nature. Its matter of shame and dishonour for all those muslim extremists who are involvied in antisocial and antinational activities. (Mis)Using the name of Islam they are actually creating a bad name for Muslims across the world.

If they want to get involved in terrorism they can do so but should not use the name of Allah or the Prophet. Today the word Jihad has come to mean terrorism, thanks to the abuse of the word and the concept by the extremists.

I urge all Muslim brothers and sisters to shun such practices and such people and lets walk that extra mile in forging a good symbiotic existence with each other, which doesn't get bruised by some people like these. Please show your commonality by signing this petition.