Why the contradiction between Dept. of Excise,Tobaco and Dept. of Medical&Health

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Petitioning: All state Govts. in India where Excise Department and Tobaco board is existing.

Petitioner: GANESH started on August 1, 2009

Some state Govts. are governing through Excise Department and Tobaco board. According to the Govt. Orders the slogans "Chewing tobaco is injurious to health" and "Drinking liquor is injurious to helath" are noted on the products of Brandi, Beer, Wine, Cigarette packets etc. which are truly injurious to the public health.
If the govts. are believing the truth, then why gave permission to the injurious production in the states? Otherside 'Department of Medical & Public Health' also available in the governments. Why the contradiction between the two government policies? Either Excise Department and Tobaco boards are to be abolished or Department of Medical and Public Health is to be abolished. Are the governments felling about the public is stupid?