WE need to SAVE INDIAN ECONOMY:keep Raghuram Rajan Back in INDIA as RBI Governor

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Petitioning: we want Economic Stability of our Country

Petitioner: Nisha Ahuja started on June 29, 2016

Raghuram Rajan: THE RBI Governor who reached the top of INDIAN Central Bank because of his skills and not because of his political alignment.The Only man who tried to bring back our money from big corporate personalitites who are leading a lavish life and ruling our country that too by taking loans from banks and then became Willful defaulters.

The courageous man actually attracted foreign investment by his Economic policies.

guys its our responsibility towards our country to keep this human treasure in our country who sole aim is to save the country from those who are actually "EATING" it. we need a stable INDIAN EConomy.Therefor let us give him our support to ensure the he work for our country again.

Let us fight for our country and bring the change that we all want.