Remove Fuel-subsidy gradually

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Petitioning: Government

Petitioner: Petition Voice started on March 26, 2009

Union Government is enduring a huge loss because of subsidies it provides on the various petroleum products. The government run petro-organizations have their future at stake. The rate at which these state run oil companies are making losses is unimaginable and would make these companies bankrupt in a few years time.

The government has essentially been bailing out these companies in the past and has been spending billions of dollars of foreign reserves on providing petroleum products for commercial or luxury usage. Others are either enjoying the benefits at the cost of tax payer's money or are making profits in their business using the government subsidies. This has to stop. Those who want to use the fuels should be the ones who pay for it and not the common man.

Support this petition to request government to gradually remove subsidy from petrol and other fuels.