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Petitioning: CBSE

Petitioner: Pranav Santvan started on March 28, 2018

News of biology , business (CLASS 12 th)and social science (class 10th ) paper was also there . Accounts paper leak was confirmed by Deputy CM ,Delhi .Then why only Economics and Maths exams are being reconducted ?
This points to ignorant behaviour of CBSE as they are changing their statements again and again and transferring the punishment to their fault on students.
Students going abroad will face problems due to delay in dates .
This leakage in education system will cause talent erosion from main stream
Since investigations and strict measures were bein implemented after accountancy paper leak then why any CBSE official has not been convicted yet? CBSE conducted exams are always victimised by leaks and paper copying practices which even includes CBSE NEET (many a times ).
There must be some other alternative brought to scene untill these leaking holes are mended as retest does not give any assurance of transparent examination mechanism even in the re examinations to be conducted .Repeated retests will cause unnecessary expenditure and problems to whole education related mechanism .
Subject relative marking strategy must be followed . Since CBSE EXAMINATION DEPARTMENT has failed in its PRIMARY function n duty it must be held responsible for this major fault (a non bailable crime in some states) and compensate students .
Hence , CBSE must find suitable alternative to paper leak solution because more than 25 lakh students have been victimised to their crime which was ignorantly backed by CBSE