Lets us not Push Kids to Perform According to Our Standards

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Petitioning: Parents

Petitioner: Petition Voice started on March 3, 2009

The day a child is born there is rush for the best 'rank'. Since infancy the incentives parents give to their children are coming first in eating before other, if they want the kids to eat; cramming more and more poems, alphabets, numbers, etc. to show off in front of others and to secure admissions to good schools. A kid has to come first, second, or third in whatever extra-curricular activities they participate in. Comparisons are drawn with kids from the neighbourhood and within the families too, with other kids performing 'better'. Except the academic toppers the children these days grow up in a constant state of frustration because they are brainwashed by parents into thinking that being good and a winner is all about scoring higher and performing more. But there is a whole lot more to life than just grades-scored and prizes-won. We cannot afford to keep lying to ourselves about overdoing this. Afterall not all the parents wanting to see their sons and daughters in the merit lists, were toppers themselves! This appeal is to the parents to let the children be children; many professions are equally good or even better than being engineers, doctors, architects, and the likes.