Want lenient marking for CBSE AISSCE chemistry exam 2018

  4 (Goal: 200)

Petitioning: Lenient Marking

Petitioner: Shutur started on March 14, 2018

AISSCE CBSE chemistry exam was conducted on 13/03/18, though most of the students found the exam easy and completely NCERT based but there are few who could not prepare well because of too many holidays given. 5 days off made one lazy, lethargic and over confident.
Request is for lenient marking or else marking should be done on basis of handwriting, giving some hope to those who easily get distracted and have weak concentration and who brilliantly wasted all the holidays given.

PS: Same request is for Maths and Physical Education exam that have 7 and 17 holidays respectively. And in future while making date sheet keep in consideration that there are students who are in a habit of procrastinating things and so much holidays rather than helping make the situation worse.