Save Punjab from Drugs

  2 (Goal: 500,000)

Petitioning: Idea to Stop Drug Abuse in Punjab

Petitioner: Ravinder started on October 1, 2015

Save Punjab from Drugs

I want to add this petition to make it easy for government to control drugs in Punjab.

This process includes:

1. Medical examination of all residents of Punjab.
2. Sharing of medical results and person health status with public online and also with local police and authorities.
3. Sharing medical examination of person below 18 years of age with parents and local police and authorities
4. 2 year sentence for person who is using selected drugs which are too dangerous and banned in state.
5. Report should be submitted to family to take care of person who is using drugs and if family failed to do so in 3 months of report received then person will be jailed for next 2 years for rehabilitation
6. Medical examination should be on each 3 months and reports also should be shared each 3 months with family and local authorities and police.