make compulsory to mention the "made in country" name in online selling portals

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Petitioning: we will get the choice and we can help in speeding up the growth of our nation

Petitioner: Ashish Thakkar started on October 7, 2016

It will be easier to find the products that are made in our own country for those who prefer to buy only products made in our own country.

the sellers can mention it in details of the products and also provie an option in their filters.

recently released not :
NEW DELHI: The government has issued strict guidelines to all ministries asking them to give preference to domestically manufactured electronic products, a move aimed at boosting electronics production as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's " Make in India" drive.

A committee of secretaries has decided that all ministries and departments should identify department-specific domestically manufactured electronic products for procurement, and notify them within a fortnight, a statement from the Prime Minister's Office said on Saturday.

All government departments have been asked to adhere to a tender template already issued by the department of electronics and information technology, for procurement of electronic items.