Make Career Guidance and Planning compulsory in Schools- Class 9/10th

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Petitioning: HRD Ministry

Petitioner: Naveen started on December 19, 2017

Today, with a 65% population of India being youth and to be working population, children are completely confused and parents are worried. Career counselling in schools today where an aptitude test is taken and children are being guided into graduate and post graduate courses, and their respective entrance examinations. They are all getting stuck into academics and exam preparations without any proper knowledge and awareness of their own personality strengths as well as where these strengths can be used most productively in the occupations.The education industry is enticing parents and students into education with huge amount of expenses and time and energy being invested without any idea of what they will do in life. 18 years of education for a 40+ years of occupation, with no idea about the 40+ years of worklife is absolutely criminal. Result is a shaky, unaware, underconfident and unemployable workforce, who are just doing a dance of life in their youthful years by doing trial and error and changing jobs every year or maybe lesser duration than that too. Productivity in the organisation also takes a beating because of this. As they grow into their late 20s and early 30s, with social pressure, they want to settle down and take up whatever they get and live a mediocre life, most of the times, not enjoying whatever they are doing. Frustration, depression and marital discord are some of the side effects of this issue. Frictional unemployment results due to this, and a number of mid career crisis cases are also happening because of this.

All the developed countries across the world have Career Guidance and Planning incorporated in their education curriculum through a professional body/ agency. It is crucial now that to avoid the large scale issue to implode onto the nation in the next few years, Career Guidance and Planning has to be made compulsory in all schools and colleges. This will enable students and parents to get clarity about the occupations and take informed choices in life.

Career Guidance and Career Planning is to be compulsory for every student in schools beginning from 9th standard.