Let’s bring a change

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Petitioning: I want this to reach Education minister and the PM Narendra Modi

Petitioner: Neha Verma started on March 17, 2018

I am Neha, a working professional in Bangalore. I feel cheated when it comes to our education system. As we know America is the one of the richest country in the world.But American schools issue books to the students in the beginning of the year and students return the books back to the school after completing the exams so that other students can use them. But unfortunately in India poor students are forced to spend huge amounts on books every year and then those books are given to the scrap dealers after their exams. Crores of rupees are spent and millions of trees are cut for papers. In this only brokers get the benefit. We need to change this system so that students as well as parents are benefitted as education is the only key thing to uplift India.
I request all of you to please come forward to sign this petition so that we can hope for a little but impactful change in our education system.