Increase the number of attempts for JEE Mains exam.

  8 (Goal: 10,000)

Petitioning: Central Board of Secondary Education, Education Minister, Honorable PM of India.

Petitioner: Anu started on January 14, 2018

Respected Sir,
I hereby request you to kindly increase the number of attempts for JEE MAINS exam keeping an upper age limit. These days, exams have become exceptionally competitive, difficult and unachievable for a common student. Not everyone can pay for the coaching classes. Can't a child from rural upbringing dream of achieving the height easily got by urban children with facilities? As the level of exams are increasing, the quality of education is not equally increasing. There are areas where even daily classes are not taken, forget about competitive field training. JEE Mains is a dream of every child aspiring to become an engineer. If more good and dedicated engineers are produced each year then our country will progress so much in every sector. Can't a rural child have better ideas than an urban child? Of course they can and they do. But their ideas and strength are not given proper boosting. While it's very difficult for them to even join highly expensive coaching classes which are flourished in cities, they just can't leave their daily classes of 11th or 12th and travel many kilometers to attend coaching classes. So, they have to do it after completing 12th and taking 1 year coaching BUT they must appear for JEE Mains (1st attempt) right after completing 12th, without any knowledge, preparation. Failing kills their self confidence. Many attempt suicide. Here note that their 1 attempt is wasted for nothing. Not all can pass the exam after taking 1 year coaching, that takes away 2nd attempt. And the 3rd and LAST attempt will be a do or die for them. This puts a LOT of pressure on them. They just can't give up their and parents' dreams. Hence kindly increase the number of attempts for JEE Mains to at least 5 times with an upper age limit 25 years, with effect from 2018. Please help these children dream big and achieve big. They will surely make our country proud. Kindly take action, it will be a revolutionary decision. At least the country and education board can give them this chance once and see the effect. Please, kindly do the needful.
Thanks a MILLION.
yours sincerely,
A proud Indian.