Grant OROP as is

  96 (Goal: 500,000)

Petitioning: Narendra Modi, Prime Ministers Office

Petitioner: Triptta Neb started on September 16, 2015

Grant OROP as is

This petition is to see that the government announces OROP as promised.

1. The petition is to see that the government does not tamper with the definition of OROP and abides by the below

"same pension, for same rank and for the same length of service, irrespective of the date of retirement".

2. Appoint a pension review committee that consists of 5 people of which 3 will be from the armed forces.

3. The OROP is applicable from the 1st of June 2014.

4. OROP stands inperpetuity

5. the pension is reviewed every year to ensure it retains the definition.


Currently OROP has NOT been implemented. The government is trying to fool the people by calling a pension scheme OROP. In their announcement ..

1. the government has said they will take an AVERAGE in a given rank.. this average isnt ONE RANK ONE PENSION.. It needs to be tallied to the highest pension being paid in the rank.

2.The goverment is implementing it as off 2013 instead of 2014.

3. The government has said it will review every 5 years .. which in itself means that there will be 5 pensions running at a minimum for one rank at any given point of time.

4.. The government has OROP in place for IAS officers MP's already. and their expense is well over 17000 crore.

5.. The ex servicemen held a rally on the 12th of september 2015 , which was attended by over 75000 veterans.

6. the government stopped 200 buses at the border and delayed trains to prevent people from getting to the rally.

7. The media has been given gag orders on reporting on the OROP and the rally.

8. the government and other factions of the bureaucracy are regularly attempting to create dissent in the ranks


10. The GENERAL POPULATION THINKS AND BELIEVES OROP HAS BEEN IMPLEMENTED WHEN IT HAS NOT. and since the media has not been allowed to pursue the story since the government made their so called announcement of OROP people believe its been done