Food Adulteration

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Petitioning: Increasing food adulteration punishment and enforcing law, guilty food inspector

Petitioner: Tapas started on April 30, 2018

1. Cat meat in Chennai Biriyani
2. Dead animals meat from garbage dump supplied to restaurants and hotels in Kolkata
3. Tripura chief minister says milk made of chemicals and expired milk powder sold in Tripura

Request Punishment to be enhanced

A. Any death due to adulteration - all involved criminals to be sentenced to death.

B. Damage to organs or disease- conplete factory or business of all involved criminals to be auctions withot delay and all medical expenses to be born by government

C. Retailers selling adulterated food to be held responsible under the existing law

D. Retailers with expired food or drinks to be held responsible under adulteration

E. Any damage to the health of consumer - food inspector to be held responsible similar to the main offender in the case