Request for Immediate intervention at Bhangor Peasant Struggle

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Petitioning: Srijukta K.N. Tripathy, Honourable Governor, West Bengal, Kolkota

Petitioner: Kabeer Katlat started on March 7, 2017

Request for  Immediate intervention at Bhangor Peasant Struggle

Sub: Request for Immediate intervention .
Respected Sir,
We strongly condemn the heinous efforts of the Ruling Party Goons and the Administration for the last two days (from 3rd March 2017) to disturb the very peaceful atmosphere of the villages surrounding the Power Grid in Bhangor. The Peasants and villagers are peacefully protesting against the anti people Power Grid and demanding the cancellation of the Power Grid Project totally.
On 3rd March the Local Goons under the leadership of Local TMC leaders Kaisar Ahammed and Nannu Sheik were hatching conspiracy to take hold of the villages in their grip and planning to attack the villagers who are protesting against the Power Grid. The miscreants gathered again on 4th March also. The action of the Local Police Administration who were also present there is only helping to deteriorate the situation. They wanted to create terror among the villagers so that they are forbidden from the Movement against the Power Grid. But the villagers mainly women resisted these efforts and chased away the miscreants for the time being.
We came to understand that the Police Administration is going to deploy huge forces in the area and preparing for an attack on the innocent villagers during which the local TMC goons mix up the police and vitiate the total atmosphere to thwart the movement by force. The entire situation is alarming. The Government, instead of arranging dialogue with the villagers and the Jomi Jeebika Vastutantro and Porivesh Rakha Committee to resolve the issue, is going for confrontation which will lead only to Singur Nandigram like Situation.
In the meantime, it is to be noted that as a part of Bigger and Larger Democratic exercise, a Peoples’ Hearing is organised on 4th & 5th April to hear all the concerned parties to the Bhangor Power Grid Issue by the Solidarity Committee with Bhangor Peasants Movement (Bhangor Andolan Samhati Committee) to derive at a more clear and factual conclusion of the issue. We apprehend now from the above acts of the Administration and the Ruling Party, that they are trying to thwart the entire exercise since they are afraid of the outcome of such a true democratic exercise initiated by the Solidarity Committee with panelists including prominent Intellectuals, and prominent persons from Political, Judiciary, Human Rights, civil society etc.
We, therefore, have requested to all concerned authorities in the Administration and all peace loving democratic people to interfere immediately in the issue and arrange dialogue so that the situation is not escalated further and the issue is resolved in a peaceful and democratic manner.
In this situation we request your immediate intervention into this matter.
On behalf of Bhangor Sanhati Committtee

Kabeer Katlat