Mother's Name on Government IDs and other Official forms & documents

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Petitioning: To allow Mother's Name on Government IDs and other Official forms & documents

Petitioner: Anurag started on March 16, 2018

Mother's Name on Government IDs and other Official forms & documents

Every time when I fill a form for any banking, government, academic purpose or see any ID card, I am constantly bothered by one question -

Why is it that primarily Fathers, and not Mothers, get recognition everywhere?

I am reminded of a moment when a child filling the first page of their School diary comes across the mandatory section of Father's name and wants to skip it; or similarly when it has to be filled in while opening bank accounts or registering for a government ID.

Over the past couple of years, I have come across and been inspired by a few women who are a single parent to their child. The strength and courage with which they are leading their lives and looking after their child have really inspired and moved me a lot. Their determination, responsibility, love and care is just unparalleled. And yet, everytime, they have to attach themselves to a past they always wanted to let go of. I read this somewhere –

“A single mother plays the role of a mother and father simultaneously. She wakes up early, gets her children ready for school, cooks the lunch, packs their tiffin, leaves them to school, reaches her office, works at office, picks her children up, takes them home, makes dinner, teaches her children. She has to buy groceries, pay phone bills, electricity bills, go to bank, go to doctors, and invest her money judiciously, save money! She is the protector of her children. She plays cricket with her son to make him feel loved. - She is ready to sing lullabies all night to provide a deep sleep. Yet next morning she will appear with a fresh face to wake you up. Meanwhile her own personal life is a mess. She forgets all pain and nourishes her kids. She provides them best of both the worlds. She never gets tired (She does actually), she is all smiles, she is a super woman. They bear it all and that is why they are perfect role models”

Talking about equality and feminism, this is something that should be changed. My humble request to the PMO and other government bodies is to look into this body and create a provision to allow for the choice of any parent’s name required on any document. I will be glad to have a PAN card or bank account listing out only my mother's name.