fund award by london uk transfer my canera bank account

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Petitioning: I want ATTN Gautam Singh Kashotia award by london uk fund transfer my account

Petitioner: Gautam Singh Kashotia started on August 23, 2012

In the Honble High court of Justice India
my gmail massage inbox massage you are ATTN Gautam Singh Kashotia london uk winner 1 MGBP and contact rbi beneficiary details fillup and i am fill up form and i am receive beneficiary certificate, deposit slip, transfer approval notice but rbi delhi demand money 50000/- and i am not receive my abord payment transfer my account canera bank gwalior.
Mumbai rbi assistant massage this is not published in india act and not make deposit rbi payment and not make account no.
please sir i am a good person independent in india but indian act i am not receive this winning payment. please beneficiary ATTN Gautam Singh Kashotia India One million great british pound transfer my canera bank account gwalior please help and change the indian act. i am not missuse this winning amount i am develop this money my sister textile mill develop and stiching mill develop and starting the good big Kirana store and good places money save and govt. bank save this winning abord ATTN London uk amount. Please i want hak my winning amount transfer my canera bank gwalior.