Forcing small investors to open savings account in Post Offices

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Petitioning: Indian Post should not force investors to open savings account with Post offices

Petitioner: Suhas started on March 15, 2018

The Asst. Director(SB-!) Postal Department vide Order No 113-02-2015/SB and Order No 15/2017 dated 06-10-2017 has made it Mandatory that Investors will get their Refund on maturity/interest on MIS,SCSS, and TD only through Savings.
This means that the Government is forcing the Citizens to open Savings Accounts with Post offices wherein they have Invested in MIS, SCSS or NSC Certificates to get back their own money.
It was the practise of Post Offices to return the maturity amount or pay Interest in cash for small amounts and through Cheques for higher amounts.This meant that in one visit to the Post offic the investor could complete the dealing and return with the cash or Cheque as the case maybe.
With the changed rule the person will have to first open a Savings account. Henceforth the investor will have to first stand in queue at one counter to have his claim processed and then go the savings counter the same day or another day to withdraw money.
The whole exercise will result in lot of harassment and wastage of time for all investors.
It is going to be an ordeal for the Senior Citizens and the Rural people in particular since work in Post Offices can rarely be done on one visit.
The whole exercise of the Postal department is against the concept of Digital India as this will involve lots of paper work at the Post offices.
Secondly this is going to cause lot of trouble to every investor and it is plain Anti Customer Policy.
The Government must immediately withdraw this notification in the Interest of the Public.