Dismissal of Corrupted Employees

  1 (Goal: 100,000)

Petitioning: Root out Corruption menace in Government and Quasi Government Sectors

Petitioner: Prasad started on September 26, 2017

Dismissal of Corrupted Employees

The Government employees are recruited for serving the people. Their lively hood is paid from the revenues collected from Common people. The amount of Salary should coincide/justify with their production of Services.

As the above is running out of track, and levels of corruption is magnified day by day, I suggest the corrective steps

1. To enact a legislation to punish the Corrupted Government Employee/official with the following immediately after he/she has been caught red-handedly or found amassing of wealth which does not proportionate to his source of income

a) Dismissal from Service, and put him in jail
b) Handover of all the assets on his/his family members/benamis found in ACB/CBI raids and
register them to Government. They will become the property of Government henceforth.
c) A reasonable pension should be paid to his/her family members (if they are dependent on his/her
salary income) for family maintenance.

2. All future recruitment should be made temporary, with fixed, time-bound duties and responsibilities.
3. All Employees Unions should be made part and parcel of implementation committee in implementing
the enacted legislation

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