Ballot Paper For Voting Should Be Reinstated For All Elections In India

  3 (Goal: 100,000)

Petitioning: Request To Honourable Supreme Court Of India

Petitioner: SAI VIKRAM started on March 6, 2018

Respected Sir,

Within the 195 Countries of the world only 25 countries are using Electronic Voting machines( EVM). As far as I know these machines doesn't come under Information Technology Act Of 2000. The Elections conducted by election commission of India but still their is a high talk as these machines are programmed for the win of desired party. Hense the arouse in the dispute of the same will make the winner a cheater and it will lead to national calamity as it is increasing on a day by day basis.

Its my as well as the people of India who supported my petiton have a humble Submission to the Honourable Supreme Court Of India to Reinstate Ballot Voting For All Elections Conducted In India.

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